Eel Creek

Our dedicated in house animated epic short. Tales of Eel Creek, a 13 minutes / CGI action adventure.

This is the first joint production between Polytronik and Natcoll Digitals Diploma of Animation.

Eel Creek follows the single minded and passionate obsession/ desperation of our main character Blu, a small boy who just wanted to catch a fish. Based loosely on the ancient Micronesian fable of Ukundu , Eel Creek weaves a riveting and memorable story as one mans determination to triumph against nature eventually comes to a climatic pseudo triumphant end, with action packed stunts, an ominous awesome creature, lush environments and explosive kiwi digital cinematics. Eel Creek lands the big one.

Ever been completely obsessed by finishing something that you are determined to be completed at any cost? This is the animated short for people who make animated shorts.

Eel Creek is still bobbing about in post production and should be completed sometime in the near future, the gods and Creative NZ willing.