Gametoyz is an IP developed by Newtime Entertainment, with animated music videos created by Polytronik.

These music videos were created to promote and to appeal the IP to children. All three are based on a pair of teenage robots, Marz and Venus, as they face various challenges presented to them by their enemies.

Music video one is a chase sequence with the evil Gearhedz chasing the characters Marz and Venus, as they attempt to rescue Gomunny. The entire video is created with 3D animation with various post effects.

Music video two is a dance battle set in a space ship, as Marz and Venus again attempt to rescue Gomunny from the afro dancers who have abducted the poor Pipsqk. Many post effects were created to enhance the colour and craziness of the dance moves.

Music video three is a race around a large Nascar style stadium, with Marz, Venus, and Gomunny racing against their enemies the Gearhedz and the Afrodancers, and various other Pipsqks. The video was entirely created and animated in 3D.