Manuka of Distant Shores

Manuka of Distant Shores is a cross platform global license for childrens media entertainment

Originally developed by Berserk Bros and Wellington's Dominion Post for the presto kids page to try to combat the then current invasion of printed childrens media from Australia, the half page Manuka colored print format quickly became a hit with children of all ages. Spread locally and then as national syndication loomed BB crumbled into itself and Manuka was deemed too expensive to continue production in the present paper format.

Since that stasis, Manuka and the world in which his stories reside has been quietly growing momentum and this year Polytronik will hope to spend more time bringing this megalithic masterpiece to global screens. With high end originality, amazing unique vistas, heroic characters and re-evolved technologies Manuka is our most advantageous and highly guarded project.

Set eons ago in New Zealand, Manuka has humor, grand majik, adventure, huge creatures and small demonic minions, lava golems, endearing friendship and sidekick favorites.