The Refried Audio website was created for Bernard Blackburn to promote and catalogue his work on various audio productions. The radio image in the background was modelled, textured, and rendered in 3d software, and placed in flash for various navigation and interface purposes.

The Mojo coffee website was designed by Totem Communications Ltd and scripted in Flash by Polytronik. Assets were placed in flash, and animated to give the site a charming and colourful feel to it. The site serves as a place for Mojo coffee to inform their clients of their range of coffee blends and any other services they provide. Other small effects such as coffee steam were achieved in particle software, and flash animation techniques were used to create walking men. The entire site was scripted in Actionscript 3 to take advantage of the latest technology from Adobe, and to keep upto date with the current trends in website development.

IeSim is a website designed by Anne Johnston ( and created by Polytronik.

It was created to promote the IeSim software that simulates real-world community events, evaluates the effectiveness of intervention, and predicts how events will unfold.The entire website was created in html and php, with a custom built login system, it makes use of flash elements for navigation and banner ads.